Mythic Mechanix

Our History

FRC Team 7230 was started by Shirley Shah and Phoebe Lin, 2 students at Irvine High School who attended the school's 4-year engineering program in 2017. In the first year, we had a small number of sponsors and donations which took a toll on the team, as we were not financially sound. The equipment we had was mainly wood which made our robot very flimsy and unstable, however, we still persevered.  

Our unique unicorn logo was developed by a student in FRC during the 2019 season.  We purchased and stitched unicorn horns onto our hats to stand out from the crowd. We changed our T-shirt and spirit color from grey, in the 2017 season, to black in the 2018 season, the purple in the 2019 season. This was also an attempt to stick out and be our own unique team. Since there were a lot of electrical components during the 2019 competition games, we decided on having lightning bolts extruding from the unicorn horn. Our team name "Mythic Mechanix" was decided on by the students since a unicorn is considered to be a great mythical creature. We were always fixing loose hardware parts on our robot, especially since we were a new team with little financial aid, so we determined that we could be categorized as "mechanix", hence Mythic Mechanix.

The story continues...

Robots Timeline

Robots Timeline