Jatan Shah: Our hardware and CAD mentor. A mechanical engineer.
Archana Jain: Our club advisor. Started the engineering department at Irvine High School.
Michael Polucha: Our software mentor. A software engineer.
Dawn Anderson: Non-technical mentor


Hardware is concerned with the building of the robot. We will use various industrial tools developing very important hardware skills. We work synonymously with every other subteam: CAD to model the structure of the robot; Software to develop code that will allow the robot to function correctly; Strategy/Drive Team to correctly build a part of the robot for competition; Public Relations/Business to use the robot for funding, outreach, and outreach to develop the team.


Software is concerned with the writing Java ( C++ can be used) for the robot and building the circuitry of the robot. We work with Hardware to ensure the code written correctly works as we the code we write are what allow the robot to move and carry out the correct functions. As we work with Hardware, we will also be involved with Strategy/Drive team to decide how we will program a certain function into the robot. Due to our website being developed with code as well, we will work cohesively with Website to ensure that the website will be clean, informative, and engaging.


Business is concerned with ensuring that the team has enough funds for registration as well as building the robot. We will be contacting corporations and building a pitch for our team. We are in charge of finding and applying for sponsorships, in addition to leading outreach through community teams and FTC teams.


CAD is concerned with developing various structures and designs for the robot and they use the 3D modeling software Solidworks. We mainly work with Hardware, acting as the initial blueprint that hardware uses to build a robot for competition. In addition, we model a robot with Strategy/Drive Team so that the robot that we models meets the plan we have for competition before hardware begins building the robot. Please don’t be intimidated by lack of knowledge as you will be trained and not before long, you will be able to model robots that the team may use.

Strategy/Drive Team

Strategy/Drive Team is in charge of observing the competition restraints and rules to develop a plan to carry out on competition day, as well as carrying around the robot and driving it. Many of us are also in other subteams such as Software and Hardware so that our plans can be successfully incorporated into the robot.