Mythic Mechanix

#7230 Mythic Mechanix

Irvine High School’s robotics team is a student-run initiative led by passionate and driven leaders. Comprised of 35 student members, two industry mentors, one teacher mentor, and a team parent, Team 7230 believes in the engineering process, and maintaining a collaborative environment. Our members gain valuable skills in hardware, programming, CAD modeling, strategy, and marketing. Since the team’s creation last year, we have participated in multiple different competitions, including off season events such as Beach Blitz.. Teams compete from all over the world against thousands of high schools in the First Robotics Competition. They are all given six weeks to program, build, and design a robot to complete the challenges of the current year’s competition.

Jatan Shah: Our hardware and CAD mentor. A mechanical engineer.
Archana Jain: Our club advisor. Started the engineering department at Irvine High School.
Michael Polucha: Our software mentor. A software engineer.
Dawn Anderson: Non-technical mentor
About Us

“Mythic Mechanix is Irvine High’s robotics team that competes against other robotics teams in field games hosted by an organization called FIRST. Through competitions and collaboration, students learn core engineering skills such as brainstorming, manufacturing, building, programming, CAD modeling, and marketing. The team is composed of 6 subteams(hardware, software, CAD, game strategy, and fundraising) which work together to complete a robot each year for different themes.”

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4321 Walnut Avenue
IrvineCA 92604

“Irvine High's Robotics team is a student-run club, led by driven and passionate leaders.  #7230 Mythic Mechanix comprises of 26 students, two industry mentors, and one teacher mentor. As a fairly new team, students are learning valuable skills in manufacturing, building, programming, CAD modeling, and marketing. Mythic Mechanix will participate in the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition and compete against thousands of high schools across the world.”